Green Clean Your New Home Before Moving-In

Clean house using these green cleaning tricks before your movers unpack the boxes and you settle into making your new house a home. Cleaning with natural ingredients, probably found inside your moving box labeled, “Kitchen spices”, saves money and leaves you with a deep-down cleaned house.

Create a fresh healthy start in your new home with these four household ingredients that are friendly to the environment, your new home and to your health:

  1. White Vinegar – Vinegar acts as a disinfectant, cuts grease and soap scum, deodorizes and inhibits bacteria and mold growth. Use as a multi-surface cleaner or leave bowls of vinegar out in a room to absorb offensive paint fumes.
  2. Salt – You may already use salt for antiseptic health benefits, such as gargling with salt for a sore throat. Use it in cleaning as well. Drive away ants and get rid of moths by using salt. Mix with vinegar and flour for use to polish copper. Cut a lemon and mix it with salt to bring brass items to their renewed shine.
  3. Lemon juice – Enjoy the smell while getting an overall clean on several items around the house with lemons. Mix with water and use to clean glass, mirrors and gets stains off of vinyl surfaces when used at full strength. Mix with olive oil for a great furniture polish. Get rid of black spots left behind by mold and mildew with a lemon juice paste and baking powder.
  4. Baking soda – Use in refrigerator and other spaces to absorb moisture and odors. Sprinkle some inside trash cans to freshen them up. Add to loads of laundry to help in getting clothes clean. Use it in the garage to clean up grease spills. Remove mildew from some items by mixing baking soda with water to clean.

Along with these ways to save money on your move there are several other ways, for example, to do a self service relocation.

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