Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant will handle your household items with kid gloves while making moving and loading look like a breeze. Gentle Giant offers moving and packing services as well as storage facilities available to its customers.

They claim to be “Boston’s best movers”, but they handle moves in all 48 contiguous United States with several offices across the nation including locations in Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Charlotte, Seattle and San Francisco.

Gentle Giant’s boxes have even been seen on the big screen in at least one movie and the company was spotlighted after being hand-selected by Al Roker Productions to appear on a reality television series called “Make Your Move”.

Gentle Giant was founded by a group of rowing athletes from Northeastern University. The company is a professional moving company made up of a team of workers whose physical fitness appearance make moving furniture look easy as they strive to stay fit and ready to serve your relocation moving needs.

The company goes to great lengths in screening workers they hire making sure each employee will take care of the customer well. The workers at Gentle Giant are well known for the way they enthusiastically “run” in training on stadium steps as well as getting the job done in a timely yet careful manner. They strive for the following characteristics that form an acronym with the word “heart” at its core:

H is for honesty
E is for enthusiasm
A is for above and beyond
R is for respect
T is for teamwork

Feel free to compare Gentle Giant alongside other moving companies at to see for yourself how they fare among those who have recently relocated.

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