Full Service Moving Companies – Their role in a Major Life Event

Do you know what the top four “most stressful life events are?”

  1. Divorce
  2. Death of a loved one
  3. Severe illness
  4. Moving

Moving! It is an extremely emotional, frustrating and anxiety-ridden time, even if the reason for the move is a positive one. You may have purchased your dream house, or have a wonderful promotion that perpetuates a cross-country move, and looking forward to it with anticipation and excitement, but the thought of the actual move is causing stress.

Any number of emotions can exist in any given day after the event is cast in stone.  We are moving!  Shock, anxiety, sadness, fear, confusion and total disorientation keep interchanging between members of the household, creating cacophony complaints.

Where does one start the moving process?  Besides, notifying schools, employers, friends and starting “to-do” lists, the single most important thing to do, and will alleviate many of the negative feeling and chaos is find a full service moving company.

Start your search here for the perfect mover: USA Moving Companies.  We have partnered with the top moving companies in the country who will help you. You will save money and experience a stress-free moving experience. These free online moving quotes are from moving companies that are fully licensed and bonded.

You may be amazed to find all the services a full service mover does.  Not only do they offer door to door moves locally, cross country and international, but the will pack, load, ship, unload, unpack, and do special handling on items like pianos, antiques and valuable art.  They protect your belongings against water damage and the elements and most of all give you total peace of mind.  If there is a mismatch in dates between leaving your home, traveling across country and date of occupancy at the new location, they will temporarily store your items for you.

You will receive contact from up to 7 moving companies to screen when you register.  Always request an in-home estimate from each candidate. Be sure to show them everything and anything that is going on the truck.  Be open and honest about artwork, antiques and items that you want insured and specially handled. Show them all the rooms of the house, plus any storage areas or garages, plus anything else that is stored offsite that should be included. Review the estimates, compare the costs and details provided by the moving company and make your decision.  The sooner you have the contract written, and have put the largest burden of the move into their hands, the sooner you will start to relax and let some positive thoughts about the move back in.

Your life is being disrupted; you will be making new friends, securing new doctors and schools. You will have to find all new businesses to deal with. You may have to deal with culture shock on long-distance moves, and loss of identity issues with your children, who may be unhappy about leaving friends. But you do NOT have to worry about your full service moving company.  You have secured the best you could find and already your stress level is lessened.

Whether your priority in moving companies was money or time, you are secure now in knowing that you have the right one for you.  From the ease of using the website to receiving contacts from suitable movers, to the simple screening process and eventual estimates you received, this was the one moving task that did not only not cause any additional stress or anxiety, it actually helped.

Moving companies have an esteemed place of high importance in the long list of solutions and therapies needed to handle the stress of major life events.  Who knew?

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