Five Most Often Forgotten Items During a Move

Obviously, you’ll pack furniture and personal belongings when you prepare to relocate. However, professional moving companies often claim there are some items that often get overlooked during the hustle and bustle of the moving process. Following are five items most often forgotten during a move:

Medical, Dental, School Records and Prescription Drugs – if possible, ask for these a few months before you move to allow plenty of time to be picked up, sent to you or to be transferred to a new doctor’s office, dentist, school or pharmacy.

Hidden Keys or Valuables and Garage Door Openers – retrieve any spare keys you have hidden under the door mat or in a secure location in your yard and set them aside to leave for the new owners. Also, remember to uncover and bring along any jewelry or valuables that you have hidden around the house or in a safe deposit box. Don’t forget to take your garage door openers out of your vehicle and leave them for the new owners.

Clothes Left at the Dry Cleaners – don’t forget to pick up your dry cleaning.

Library Books – return any library books you have checked out.

Pets – yes, it happens. Sometimes pets are crated, fenced in the back yard or sent to a kennel during a move. Sadly, they can also be forgotten when out of sight or when a family member thinks another family member brought the dog in a separate vehicle only to discover, upon arrival at the new home, that the pet is not on board.

Also think about any items you may have out for repair or have loaned to a neighbor or friend so you can retrieve and prepare them for moving for your relocation. Make a list and refer to it as your checklist to make sure all of your belongings are in one place and ready to move or leave behind for the new owner of the home you are leaving.

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