Even if you’ve never thought about moving until now, you have probably heard the name, “Bekins” or seen their bright green, gray and white logo on the highway. The company is well established in the professional moving industry.

Bekins was formed in 1891 and is still here today ready to offer you full service residential move, military family move, corporate move or international relocation. From its beginnings, Bekins has been striving to offer customers the best value without sacrificing service.

No matter where you are moving from, Bekins is ready to handle your items and move you with confidence serving all of your relocation needs. Whether you have a small apartment filled with items to move or a large corporation, Bekins is experienced and available to meet your moving needs.

The company has handled countless residential moves locally across town and across the nation. They have also successfully relocated many military families as well as taken care of international relocation moves.

Bekins was the first moving company to specialize in relocations of household goods and completed the first ever transcontinental motor van move in 1928. The company now has almost 250 locations to serve customers in the United States, and they handle international moves as well.

Today, Bekins offers their “No Excuse Price” program that guarantees pricing. The company also introduced its “For All It’s Worth” valuation protection for your piece of mind without breaking the bank.

Compare for yourself to see whether or not Bekins is the right professional moving company to serve your relocation needs. To do so, request a free moving quote from Bekins as well as a few other moving companies to compare side by side, make a right choice and save.

* does not endorse or is otherwise affiliated with or endorsed by the moving company listed above. It is provided as an informational resource to help consumers find the best company.

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