How to be Sure Your Household Goods are Insured During a Relocation Move

Moving companies have a basic level of responsibility to ensure your household goods will make it safely to your new destination. This is usually referred to as a valuation. Follow these tips from to be sure you have the insurance level to meet your needs during your relocation move.

First be certain that the professional moving company has been issued a certificate of authority by the federal government to move household goods within your state or across state borders involved in your move. Ask also if the movers are registered with the Department of Transportation.

Next, understand that valuation is not insurance. Valuation is the motor carrier’s liability based on their tariff. Be sure you are fully insured by talking with your individual insurance company. With that in mind, moving companies often offer a range of valuation coverage. You will be expected to select your level of valuation and to write it on the Bill of Lading with your personal handwriting and authorized signature.

Full Coverage

Your moving company may offer you the option of buying full coverage plans which charge based upon total weight and value with a deductible. Under a full coverage valuation plan, the moving company makes it their responsibility to provide you either a repair, restoration or reimbursement for any item that is lost or damaged during transit.

Items of High Value

Any household item that has a value of more than $100 per pound is referred to as an article of extraordinary value. These items will not be covered under a valuation unless they are properly listed on a special inventory form that lists their high value. Some items that typically are considered to be of high value include:

  1. Jewelry
  2. Special Collections
  3. Antiques
  4. Figurines
  5. Crystal, fine china or silverware
  6. Furs
  7. Oriental Rugs

Any item that is not listed on the special high value inventory form will be considered to be worth a maximum of $100 per pound. So when preparing to relocate make your moving checklist with care.

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