Apartment Moving Tips to Enlarge Small Spaces

Moving into an apartment, whether it’s a permanent or a temporary place in the middle of a relocation move to a new home, usually means tight quarters. Make the most of your small space with these apartment moving tips from USA Moving Companies.

Downsize when you move to an apartment. Apartments typically consist of a main living room, at least one bedroom, at least one bathroom and a kitchen.

Keep It Simple

Open up your space by avoiding too many knick knacks or decorations that end up just cluttering up the limited space. Decorate instead with a simple montage of framed pictures or by using mirrors.

Mirrors Reflect More Space

Use mirrors to give the appearance of more space. Large mirrors placed over bathroom vanities or small mirrors placed in a decorative pattern on walls work well to create the illusion that the room is larger than it is.

Colors That Enlarge

Choose colors for your wall that are soft hues and bright. Light tints of blues, greens and yellows work well. Dark colors tend to make a room appear smaller and make walls feel like they’re closing in, while brighter colors give the impression of the skies and sunshine and rooms appear larger.

Don`t Break the Bank

Choose affordable furnishing and accents because apartments often serve as temporary housing. If you don`t want to perform a self service move you might save your money for more expensive well-built furnishings for your new permanent home. Be thrifty even if your apartment is intended to be long-term living quarters.

Use a bit of creativity and ingenuity to turn thrift store finds into accents that will make your small space appear to be roomier. A coat of fresh paint or new knobs on a refurbished dresser can do a lot to make the best of your space and create a look that you look forward to coming home to for relaxing after a hard day.

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