6 Must Do`s the Week Before You Move

Relocate to your new destination knowing that the house you leave behind is left secure, clean and ready for the new owners and that your belongings are ready for the movers to pick up and deliver safely to your new home. Relieve the stress accompanied with preparing to relocate by developing a checklist of must-do`s for the week before you move.

Follow These Six Moving Tips to Make Your Relocation Come Off With Ease:

1. Empty out and defrost the refrigerator and freezer at least one week before you move to allow time for the inside to properly dry so it doesn’t leak or mold during the move.

2. Mow your lawn to prepare it for the new owners, especially if there will be a gap between when you leave and when the new owners take over.

3. Thoroughly clean the house to get it ready for the new owners. Pay close attention to cleaning large appliances if you are leaving these behind.

4. Be sure that your movers have your cell phone or contact information where they can get in touch with you after you leave your current home and be sure your boxes are properly marked for the movers as “Fragile” or “Load Last”. Set any boxes aside that you do not want the movers to load and mark as “Do Not Load”.

5. Let local police know if your house will be left vacant for a long stretch of time.

6. Pack emergency items to take with you if you are performing a self service move traveling by car to your new destination. Include snacks, bottled water, paper towels, toiletries, eating utensils and a can opener.

Turn the key and walk away from one home on your way to relocate and start fresh at a new home knowing that every last detail has been covered in the house you leave behind.

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