5 Tips On How To Stretch Your Moving Budget

Moving is often expensive, so saving money where you can is important. The following five tips on how to stretch your moving budget will save you money:

  1. Coupons – Using coupons or online promo codes are a great way to save on moving expenses. Coupons also come in handy for paying for meals after your refrigerator and stove have been prepared for moving, haven’t been set up yet in the new home or while in transit.
  2. Ask – The saying goes, “It never hurts to ask.” This is true in the moving industry as well. If the price you are quoted is too high, ask if the company is willing to work with you to fit the cost within your budget.
  3. Scale Down and Clear Out – Don’t pack everything you own for the move. Give away bulky or unwanted items to cut down on how much space you need to pay for on the moving truck. While you’re scaling down, hold a garage or moving sale to make some spending cash for the move. Donate what doesn’t sell to charity, and make sure you ask for a receipt to deduct your donations from your income tax.
  4. Plan Ahead and Compare – Sometimes a move is abrupt, but if you have time to plan, you’ll have time to spend researching and comparing moving quotes local so you can go with the most cost effective choices that meet your needs. Cheapest is not always best and can end up costing you more in the long run, but when you have time to plan and compare, you’ll be able to make informed decisions and save.
  5. Off Season – Summer, weekends, and the start and end of a new university school year are the busiest and most expensive times to move. If possible, move during a slower time for the moving industry, and you’ll save money.

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